Monday, June 13, 2011

Post Postgrad

Its been slightly more than half a year since i came back from England. Just for memories sake, this is more or less what has been happening in my life for the past 6 months

Tasted the delicious Rojak Mee and Cendol at Kajang

Gig with the fabulous Janet Lee

Went to Marina Bay Pangkor Laut with Janet for an event. Not as charming as it looks, the place

An evening duo gig with jazz singer Gina Panizales at YTL's house

This is the model of YTL's house

Yummy Middle Eastern food before a private function at J.W. Marriott

Went to Bangkok with family

Went for my life's first ever friend Jeffrey's surprise birthday party which he wasn't surprised at all

Preparing to sing and play for Cheryl's Samad garden/sea view wedding dinner at Lone Pine Resort Penang.

Had great Penang hawker food the next day

Interesting sushi dish - Nasi Lemak flavour. With sambal and cucumber in the middle. This was at a corporate event i played for at Pavillion

Finally, this 4WD rammed into the back of my car. Im safe but this is my latest headache.


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